Thursday, September 9, 2010

Decal Monster

Member: Will Swenson (Son of Ron)
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 1000'
Motor: D12
Project Goal: Participate in "DUDE, WHERE'S MY ROCKET?"


Member: Ron Swenson
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 6000
Motor: K185 or K513
Project Goal: Fly my first K motor!

Dark Energy

Member: Gene Engelgau
Club: AeroPAC, Lunar
Altitude: 15,300
Motor: I59NP, I600R
Project Goal: : Dark Energy is an all-carbon precision 38mm rocket. It is 36" long and weighs just 15oz fully loaded but without motor. It's designed to hold a 38/1040 case plus a single small Fruity Chute, Feather Weight Parrot altimeter and a BRB tracking beacon. Current flights have been spectacular with tremendous acceleration and straight as an arrow flights. The most recent flight at August TCC where DE went to 11740' using a I435T. It hit Mach 1.7 and the accelerometer was maxed out at 92G.

Originally this was to go for the J altitude record, but that may that difficult. But the current I Record listed on TRA website by William Inman seems in reach. An I59 should break 15K'. I'll also try a I600 to see how high I can get using it, and how fast.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Member: Becky Green
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 23,000'
Motor: M750
Project Goal: To show everyone I still know how to fly a rocket. I didn't have time to build a new one for this motor but had several others already built to choose from that could handle this motor. I decided I'd dust off the Pluto to get the maximum altitude with a minimum diameter rocket.

Attitude Stability Unit (ASU): Initial flight

Member: Bob Feretich
Club: AeroPAC
Altitude: 4000'
Project Goal: First flight of a modular compact control unit that is aware of a rocket’s position and attitude, and makes flight adjustments to keep the rocket traveling straight up.

During this flight the control canards will be held at 0 degrees deflection, while 3-D gyroscopic and accelerometer sensor data is recorded every 1.2 milliseconds. The collected data will be used as simulation stimulus for the Navigation and Control programs.

Video of the ASU initializing --


Member: Curt von Delius
Club: AeroPAC
Motor: M1450W
Altitude: 57,000'

Project Notes: The Falcon flying on and KBA/AEROTECH M1450W suffered an R.U.D. event early in it's flight (RAPID UNSCHEDULED DISASSEMBLY).

Both flight computers indicated a max velocity of 3489 fps or Mach 3.2083 at

4296 feet when a fin failed due to extreme aerodynamic heating. The velocity graph on the RDAS showed that it was still accelerating at 16.2 gees when the fins came off at 3.75 seconds. The RDAS also reported that the Falcon achieved a maximum acceleration of 32.3 gees at 1.89 seconds.


Member: William Earls
Club: Oregon Rocketry (OROC)
Motor: CTI I540
Altitude: over 11,000
Project Goal: I Class Motor Altitude Record Extreme Altitude Contest